This tutorial will walk you thru how to use Embrilliance Software Express with our BX format + F*R*E*E gift! 

Embrilliance offers you free* software that allows you to use your computer keyboard to type out letters to create word designs.

What is the BX file format and how can I use it?  The BX format is a special pre-mapped format whereby you can use your computer keyboard to type out letters to create word designs. The BX format only works with Embrilliance software.

Why is this format special?  It is the first alphabet format that allows you to use our embroidery font designs by typing letters on your computer keyboard to create names/words/phrases instead of having to merge each individual letter one by one! You can download it FREE*  to use them this way!

* NOTE: you can download the software for free to experiment with it but there will be limited features. In order to unlock all the features of the software, you will need to purchase it.


Click to download the FREE* version of the software: HERE.
On the left side half way down click on Downloads/Updates.

Under Embrilliance platform choose your computer type and download the software.



Install the program after you download it. (Windows users must unzip the file before installing.)

When you open the program, you will be prompted to either enter in a serial number OR to continue using the program in Express mode.  (Express mode is a free version and will provide you the interface to use our BX format font designs that you have just purchased as a keyboard font though there are limited featues.) Now let’s add files to this program.



Once you have the program installed, open the program. Navigate to your embroidery font files that you have purchased and downloaded to your computer. Find the BX format files. You can EITHER drag and drop the BX file into the open program OR double click on the BX file and it will automatically open and install into Embrilliance.


Now that your font is installed, you may use it to create lettering designs.


  1. Click the blue ‘A’ on the toolbar on the top right. This will add a lettering design with the letters “ABC”.
  2. In the Properties window to the right, click on the blue arrows next to font to pick the font you want to use. 
  3. Highlight the ABC. On your computer keyboard, type in the word or name you want. 
  4. Click SET. You will see the letters appear on your screen using the font letters and size you chose.   embrilliance-software-bx-format-how-to-use-embrilliance
  5. Repeat these steps for each word or name you want to create. Click on the blue A.
  6. Click on the blue arrows next to Font to choose your font and size letters.
  7. Highlight the ABC. Type out the name or word you want.
  8. Click SET    embrilliance-software-bx-format-words

If you would like to adjust the space between the letters, left click and hold on the “Space” slide to adjust the width. You can also adjust the slant of the letters as well as the spacing between letters, words and lines.


9. On the top left, click on File.

10. Scroll down and click on Save As…(Stitch and Working)


11. Name the design how you want to save it.

12. Choose the folder where you want to save your design.

13. Choose the design format you need to use with your embroidery machine.

14. Click Save

That’s it!

Now that you know how to use Embrilliance, please accept our gift to you. Click on this link to download a 3/4 inch Basic font in the BX format for you to try out.  BASIC EMBROIDERY FONT-BX FORMAT GIFT


To further explore Embrilliance and all it has to offer, please click HERE

The Help menu has more specific instructions on using the fonts.

You may create multi-line text, circle text and even spiral text. Using the handles on the letters, you can adjust the lettering for text on a path and more. Want to edit your design later? Simply open the .BE file with the same name as the design and you are ready to make changes!

Owners of the full versions of Embrilliance Essentials, Embrilliance AlphaTricks and Designer’s Gallery EmbroideryWorks can do so much more! Please check out the full versions of all these programs for their other useful, fun and easy features HERE

 We hope you enjoy your fonts. Thank you from Creative Appliques!

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