Creative Appliques was founded in 2007.
Our mission is to provide professional quality machine appliqué designs, embroidery designs, embroidery and monogram fonts, and in the hoop designs at affordable prices.

Hello! My name is Dawn. I have been sewing for over 40 years! In 2007, I started my embroidery business selling embroidery and appliqué items locally. Shortly thereafter, I opened my online store making personalized one-of-a-kind appliqué and embroidery shirts. Often times, I would get customer requests for designs that were not available. So I would spend hours editing, merging, and recreating designs. I quickly realized that not all designs were created equal. That is when I decided I needed to learn how to digitize. Creative Appliques was born out of my true passion and desire for both my love of creating with embroidery and my love for computers.

When I am not creating new designs, I am spending time with my husband, two wonderful daughters, and dog.

A little bit about the creation process:
All of our designs are digitized manually with great thought given to the proper sequencing and layout of a design. What this translates to is, there are fewer thread changes, jump stitches, and tie offs leading to a faster, more efficient stitch out. For the appliqué designs, all of the fabric pieces are sewn down first whenever possible, then the decorative stitching follows. This makes for faster stitching designs leading to increased productivity for you. Whether you are using our designs for pleasure or for your business, your time is valuable! You can rest assured that our designs have all been tested and are top quality!

Please be sure to check back often since we add new designs weekly! You can also follow us on social media to get the most up-to-date information on new releases, sales and coupons!


ATTENTION: Creative Appliques designs are only sold on creativeappliques.com, Etsy, SWAK embroidery, Hungry Jpeg, and So Fontsy websites. Any other website or platform are not authorized retailers of Creative Appliques products and are therefore not guaranteed.


Enjoy your time with us and THANK YOU for making Creative Appliques your go-to source for professional quality digital machine embroidery designs!

Creative Appliques, LLC