Now that your font is installed, let’s create some lettering designs.

WATCH THIS VIDEO then scroll down to follow the step by step instructions.

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(Note: these instructions are for a Windows PC).

cda copy

  1. Click the blue ‘A’ on the toolbar on the top right. This will add a lettering design with the letters “ABC”.
  2. In the Properties window to the right (click the Letters tab) type in the letters you want. For a 3-letter monogram, type the letters in the order you want them. For the name Cindy Anne Davis you would type cda (case does not matter).
  3. Choose the name and size of the font you want to use. If you would like to adjust the space between the letters, left click and hold on the “Space” slide to adjust the width. You can also adjust the slant of the letters as well as the spacing between letters, words and lines.

Now let’s save the design. Click HERE.


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